Specialists in Solar Cell Measurements


We will offer our expertise to assist you with your solar testing and measurement needs.

Drawing on the strengths of the principals and a wide team of associates, we can offer extensive expertise in this exciting field that is currently undergoing an unprecedented growth rate on a global scale.

We offer measurement and consulting services in the following areas:

  • DC solar cell testing and measurement (dark)
  • AC measurements on solar cells (electrical noise and C-V)
  • Quantum Efficiency measurements on solar cells
  • Solar simulators qualification (intensity, spectrum, time stability) and calibration to reference standard cf. IEC 60904-9

Spectra-Solaris has a vast experience in electro-mechanical design.

We use advanced enginnering CAD as SolidWorks, AutoCad, electronic design tools as ORCAD, DipTrace and powerfull data acquisition and data evaluation software as Agilent VEE, MatLab, Origin.

We have in-house capabilities for manufacturing custom designed solar cell contacting jigs (included automated switchable) with their conditioning circuitry and reference solar cells.

We specialize in PLC or PC automated contacting assemblies. We use PLCs made by Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Allen Bradley and others, signal conditioning equipment, various IO transducers and actuators, etc.

 Spectra-Solaris provides expert consulting services on a per project or per diem basis.

Contact us at for more information or to further discuss your specialized consulting requirements.



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