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Having gathered over the past 35 years, a wealth of knowledge in engineering and design in the photovoltaic industry manufacturing and testing, Spectra-Solaris Laboratory incorporated in Canada in 2001, combines the background of the principal and associates to offer exceptional quality and value in their innovative products, services and expertise.

Spectra-Solaris Laboratory offer is aimed at addressing many of the challenges facing today's solar industries.

Our in-house testing equipment and procedures based on International Standards have been developed with leading-edge design tools using quality instruments and components to provide reliable and reproducible results.

Our offer:

  • Electrical Noise Measurements on solar cells and solar modules regardless of their technology 
  • C-V Measurements on solar cells with or without light bias (including monochromatic light)
  • I-V  Solar Cell Testing (Continuous and Single Flash/Pulsed Light) for solar cell research and development
  • Dark Solar Cell Testing for 2-diode model parameters extraction
  • Quantum Efficiency Measurements in the spectral range 300nm to 2000nm for Multiple Junction Solar Cell
  • Customized Contacting Jigs and Contacting Assemblies and Motorized Z-Y stages
  • S-S SCE: Solar Simulator Class Evaluator for continuous and single flash light sources able to assess the simulator class in accordance to IEC 60904-9.


Spectra-Solaris Laboratory has significant electro-mechanical and electronic design capabilities making custom designed solar cell contacting jigs (even for multiple cells switched automatically), pneumatic automated contacting assemblies for large cells, X-Y motorized stages and reference cells with different spectral windows.


Spectra Solaris Laboratory has active business in the following countries: Canada, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Italy, Norway, Romania, Spain, Switzerland, US.


We invite your inquiries as to how our products and services may be of assistance to your solar projects and manufacturing needs.

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